The Sims 4 townies are boring.. these sims will fix that!

Sims 4 Fix

Sims 4 Fix

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The Sims 4 townies are boring.. these sims will fix that!

Another round of CC FREE townies you NEED in your own game!

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Yet another beautiful thing regarding the Sims 4 is the ease of gameplay. While the camera angles were left a bit wonky, everything else in the game runs smoothly. One way gameplay has been simplified is by enabling the “needs” bar levels for interactive; by simply clicking on a low “need,” your own sim will likely address the issue themselves. You won’t need to lift a finger or scroll almost all over the house just trying to get them to use the bathroom. It’s easy, simplified, plus cuts down on useless scrolling.

Beginners can also take help from Sims 4 currency cheats to ease up their task. It will not only help them to carry out better but also offer more currency.

Today I’m doing a tutorial on how to remove the black sky in the basement floors to show the upper floors! Don’t forget to backup your own video camera file first!

The Sim Supply’s camera tutorial:
How to manage the camera on higher floors:

You can find many of the builds on the Sims 4 Gallery,
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My other speed builds!
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β˜€οΈπŸ‚Seasonal Villageβ˜ƒοΈπŸŒ· :
πŸ’™ BLUE-tiful Family Home:
🐚 MODERN Beach House πŸ–οΈ:
🏞️ Grand Fir Lodge πŸ•οΈ:
πŸ‹ Pops of Yellow:

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