The Sims 4 Tricks and Tips

Money Generator

Get a Lamp Award

The reader reminded me that one of the best things I can do for players who own The Sims 3 and Expansions is to remind them to require their EA Premium Lamps before they become unavailable at the end of 2015. . These lamps give off an emotional aura that can be very helpful in your gameplay. Follow a simple process and they will be automatically installed in your game. The lamps you receive depend on your expansion packs.

Use the whims! “Don’t ignore the whims.” The first of the three Whims is related to the emotional state of your Sim and is constantly changing. Often there are small things you can do to get satisfaction. The other two whims are based on what your sim has done for the past 24-48 hours. If you play the piano a lot, you will get the vagaries of the piano. If you have met, you will receive a whim to hug your lover and the like.


You can zoom out using the mouse wheel or the X key on the keyboard. This will allow you to see more of the area, and sometimes discover collectibles.

Sims 3 camera controls

Go back to your old Sims 3-style camera using Control + Shift + Tab or go to the Game Settings tab> Control and Camera. You can find out all the Sims 4 keyboard shortcuts here.

Make money by recycling trash

Buy the NanoTouch Touchless Trash Can for $ 1,200, and every time your sim drops something, he gets $ 10 for every family member. This mainly applies to plates that you can drag onto the jar yourself. This can actually make cooking profitable if you have several members of the household and are cooking inexpensive food. The other good option to get more money can be a sims 4 hack, it is available to try.

Replenishment of Needs: The Book of Life

The completion of the best-selling book, “Aspirations,” gives the “Poetic Reward” trait, which allows Sims to write a book of life and then link it to a Sim. When he is attached to a sim, his reading completely restores their needs. A Sim cannot relate this to himself, so you need someone else in the household to complete the Aspiration. You can give the book to target Sim after binding, and it will satisfy their needs when they themselves read it. Another goal of this book is to bring back a sim who has become a ghost to life. Thanks to Pikeman101 for reminding me that this refers to the tips page, so everyone knows how powerful the Sims 4 gameplay can be.


Change them! – You do not need to adhere to one aspiration. You can change them as you wish. This means that if you are stuck on stage and it will take some time before you can finish this part, you can switch to something else until you can finish this quest. If your sim is engaged in socialization, use one of them. If you use a specific skill, try the appropriate aspiration. You can get a lot of satisfaction this way.


Auto-Fix Needs – clicking on the desired value (a round icon, not a bar) will make your sim do everything possible to raise this need. They do not always choose the smartest things, but it can greatly facilitate the management of a large household if you need to prepare someone for work or school. If they are tired, they can sleep on a park bench … just click and not queue up all these specific interactions when working with multiple sims. When you only have a couple, you have to deal with it yourself. You will always make better decisions than the game.


Sims can eat while watching TV, which fills both fun and hunger. Making effective use of multitasking can be an effective way to get ready for work and prepare for the perfect mood. Other things they can do at the same time: drink while taking a bath – coffee, tea or a mixology mix. Sims can talk, doing different things, from eating to reading books and using a computer. However, when talking, some things may take longer, as progress stops when they talk. Sometimes you just need to calm down and concentrate, as with children doing homework. In some interactions, such as reading a book on the toilet or talking on the phone, the order of interaction matters. If you can carry something, such as a book or a drink, do it first. They cannot take their pill in the toilet unless they bring it with them! Listen to music, and then do almost everything – this is one of the best things for multitasking, which does not slow down your sim.

Breaks in bathrooms – just like in reality, Sims can take breaks in bathrooms at work. This means that you do not have to worry about it right before you go out the door. Do something that puts your sim in the perfect mood.

Friendship Requirements – Some careers require your sim to have friends. Making friends with Charisma is a lot easier, and you can align it at home with a mirror to get a steady stream of experience. Several levels are of great importance. As soon as you make friends, maintain this relationship, occasionally communicating with this sim. Read our relationship guide and make friends to find out more.

Work hard – click on the portrait of your sim below while at work. You can change the way they approach work – from loosening, licking to the boss to communicating with colleagues. The same applies to children in school. Some will even allow you to acquire skills at work. It is wise to do this if your performance is limited or you have not yet met the promotion requirements. If you need a quick promotion, use “Hardworking” – this will increase the rate of increase of the promotion indicator, risking stress from your sim. Do something fun when they get home, and you can take care of this minor problem. You can read more useful sims 4 cheats and tips here.